We have partnered with Australian cattle farmers that produce cattle in the lush, temperate regions of Australia. Raised on natural pastures where they are able to roam and graze in a stress free environment. Australian grass-fed beef is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, while offering a high level of omega 3 fatty acids, and helping to lowers blood pressure.


We have partnered with Australian lamb farmers that produce lamb in lush, temperate regions of Australia. Raised on natural pastures where they are able to roam and graze in a stress-free environment. Lamb is an excellent source of protein and vital nutrients like iron, omega 3 fatty acids, selenium and vitamin b12.


We have partnered with Spanish pork farmers that produce pork in the lush, temperate regions of Spain. We only work with farms that are committed to animal welfare under strict raising claims of animals, that are free from antibiotics, steroids and no added hormones.


All of our organic food items are premium quality and certified organic.
We pledge to support the organic food movement and the people who create it. We believe that organic is best for the grower, the consumer, and the for the planet as a whole.


Chef'd offers the best grass-fed meat and organic veg to fuel your life. Watch out California, the lamb and beef provided by Chef'd is setting the standard.

Denise Greenway

We received a Chef'd full of high quality organic vegetables and grass-fed, pasture raised lamb shanks. I couldn’t resist making moist, tender zucchini bread and my hubby made a wonderful Mansaf a middle eastern dish. The lamb was so juicy and delicious. Really pleased with everything we chose and would definitely recommend Chef'd for anyone looking for high quality meats and produce, delivered to you.


I heard about Chef’d through Instagram and was hoping the impact of purchasing a Chef’d box would be a reduction in my waist, as I was trying to avoid refined carbohydrates. Chef’d has helped me live a healthier life. Organic vegetables and grass fed, grass finished beef is a lot healthier than pizza and cheeseburgers.

Chef’d has helped regain control of my health. Since I signed up, I’ve been able to lose 12 lbs. by eating healthier and also restricting my refined carbohydrates. Not to mention the burden it relieves by not having to go to the store.

Thank you, Chef’d!

Weldon Bell

The new and improved Chef’d was initially appealing to me, as the meat is grass-fed, and the produce is organic. I was amazed when I received my first new Chef’d box at how much quality food our family received. It is really exciting to easily choose my Chef’d box each week, now I am never stuck midweek with an empty fridge.

Thank you, Chef'd!

Sari Sheehan

Chef'd is an updated, more affordable approach to the existing food delivery options out there.

I love that I can select my grass-fed meat and organic vegetables online with my kids, which is a fun activity in itself, giving them the opportunity to decide what healthy foods they would like for their meals, all from the iPad.

My family are HUGE fans of Chef'd!

Alessandra Duff

I have tried numerous other food delivery services in the past, however I was yet to have found one that I continue to purchase, routinely… Until I discovered Chef'd, this is a game changer.

With Chef'd, I am easily inspired by the recipes on their website, and able to purchase my box within five minutes. The vegetables are fresh and organic, the meat is insanely delicious and grass-fed. I found myself to be super organized with meal prep, which is a bonus seeings I work, then go straight to the gym after. The last thing I feel like doing is thinking about what to cook.

Matt Carlon


Ethically raised, grass-fed Beef and Lamb, antibiotic and hormone free Pork

Seasonal Organic Veggies

Cheapest box is $59

Meals starting from $1.90

Zero processing, nothing precut or prepackaged

From $59 /box


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